Passive : Shapeshifter

She deals additional magic damage on her basic attacks based on her ability power.

Everytime she uses one her Shapeshift abilities she gains bonus attack speed for a short duration of time.

She gains doubled bonus attackspeed when she uses her final form.

Q. Shapeshift: Harpy (Toggle)

On her 5th autoattack, she deals a minor knockback on her enemy, on her 10th autoattack she deals AOE magic damage and tosses her target to the air.

W. Shapeshift: Siren (Toggle)

Every 5th autoattack heals her for a percentage of her AP, on her 10th autoattack she deals AOE magic damage and steals huge amount of Mana from her target.

E. Shapeshift: Wolf (Toggle)

On her 5th autoattack, she mauls her target. Lowering their armor and magic resistance and dealing a bleeding damage. Every autoattack on the mauled target, she steals her target's movement speed and attackspeed. (Stackable)

R. Goddess of the Shapeshifters

Harnessing all of her shapeshifting abilities, she transforms into her Goddess form, inflicting terror to her nearby enemies.

She also gains additional abilities from her basic transformations. But she can only choose one transformation from every activation of her ultimate.

Harpy (Q)

Creates an unpassable barrier. Enemies caught inside the barrier will be stunned for a short duration and any source of damage dealt on the stunned enemies will be amplified.

Siren (W)

Creates a pool of water that aids her allies, healing them. The more her HP is missing, the greater percentage of the heal, additionally, enemies caught inside the pool will be slowed.

Wolf (E)

Summons two uncontrollable wolves that deals physical damage. It also has the bility to deal critical strikes and every damage the wolves deals will heal Jane for a percentage of the damage dealt.

Note: This is a work in progress. Please feel free to comment/suggest. I need your suggestions to give names for her abilites.

Thank you. :)