• Joch22

    Pokémon MOBA

    May 5, 2015 by Joch22

    Hi, I love Pokémon and League of Legends and I have been working on a merge of the two for a couple of years now. These are just some ideas, and are not balanced of course!

    - 3-stage Pokémon info

    - 2-stage Pokémon info

    - 1-stage Pokémon info

    - Legendary Pokémon info

    - Pokémon moves

    - Pokémon abilities

    - Pokémon base stats + Speed stat explained

    - Pokémon items

    - Status problems / crowd control explained

    - Damage explained

    Pokémon can be bought from the store. A player can choose a male or a female (for some Pokémon, you can only choose one gender, for example Combee, since it needs to be female to evolve) and sometimes can also choose the form of the Pokémon (for example Shellos). Pokémon all have a role in the game, which is derived from their stats…

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