Hello Summoners, I am confused on what ability to max on certain Champions. I have checked some guides and asked my friends but they always give different answers. i was hoping that you guys could give some insight.

  • VayneSquare Vayne - I always max Tumble Tumble on VayneSquare Vayne due to the fact that the ability to maneuver every 2 seconds and deal extra damage is much more beneficial than dealing 8% of the target's maximum health as true damage every third attack. But do you think that Silver Bolts Silver Bolts is better?
  • RivenSquare Riven - My friend told me that maxing Ki Burst Ki Burst then Valor Valor and lastly Broken Wings Broken Wings is a much better than maxing Broken Wings Broken Wings because he said that during trading you enter with Valor Valor then Ki Burst Ki Burst and using Broken Wings Broken Wings to get away because if you are maxing Broken Wings Broken Wings and using it to enter the fight and using Valor Valor to get distance, you will pretty much waste the shield from Valor Valor because you are already far away for them to retaliate. Do you guys think he's right?
  • KatarinaSquare Katarina - I max Sinister Steel Sinister Steel on KatarinaSquare Katarina. Because the extra movement speed from it will help you with trading due to the fact that if you used Shunpo Shunpo on your enemy he will try to retaliate  (considering that your enemy is a skillshot champion) with abilities and extra movement speed will definitely help you juke them. The only scenario that I max Bouncing Blades Bouncing Blades is when I amd facing a melee champion because if you try to get close to that TalonSquare Talon he will destroy you. What do you guys think?
  • LuluSquare Lulu - She is one of my favorite champions and I always max Glitterlance Glitterlance because it has a nice slow and extra damage will help you poke similarly to Hymn of Valor Hymn of Valor and then max Whimsy Whimsy for reduced cooldown and increased duration and lastly use Help, Pix! Help, Pix! for it's utility because if you want a champion with a shield better pick JannaSquare Janna. Do you guys think I'm correct?

Thanks! Fellow Summoners for taking your time reading my blog post, Johannah14 (talk) 00:07, May 29, 2013 (UTC)