• Johnarch77

    Hello visitors. Welcome to this page. This is a rework of an old champion of mine x years ago, Eires the Corrupted Angel. Instead of introducing new champion concepts, I'll be rework old ones and she is 2nd on the lis, since I'm still working on the 1st one. Let me know your thoughts :D.

    In the ancient war between the beings of light and darkness, a demon named Sugaek was defeated by the angel Eires. Sugaek barely inflicted damaged to Eires in their battle, and so the angel thought that the demon is feeble. When Eires was about to strike her finishing blow, Sugaek swiftly lounged towards her. The angel tried to dodge the attack, but the demon managed to hold onto one of her wings and attached himself, revealing Sugaek's identity as a parasit…

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  • Johnarch77

    Leorus the Stellar Knight is a custom champion of Johnarch77.

    Leorus can only once while Dual Wield is inactive. On his , Leorus materializes the Astral Sword to stab the target enemy, dealing % AD}} magic damage.

    |description2= Dual Wield stays active for 5 seconds, refreshing every time Leorus deals damage either through basic attack or ability. During this time;

    • Leorus cannot an enemy.
    • Half of the total critical strike chance is converted to attack speed.
    • Attack speed-cap is increased by %.
    • Every 2nd basic attack within 1.5 seconds deals % AD}} magic damage.
    • All abilities are empowered.

    |leveling= |range= |cost= |costtype= }} | |}}

    Leorus thrusts his in the target direction, piercing all enemies in a line, dealing physical damage and the 1st enemy hit for …
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  • Johnarch77

    Thrender the Elemental Lord is a custom champion of Johnarch77.

    2/21/17 - Hello once again..! This page is a rework of my previous champion concept, Thrender the Element Master. Thrender is not a master anymore, but he is now the lord of the elements.

    Although his abilities were changed, he still has the same "4 elemental abilities with no ultimate" kit, which is somehow similar to Udyr. I removed the "Fighter-role" from him as well as the kit's flexibility(which is changing of roles, ex:from mage to tank/fighter/supp/etc) and focused on being a Mage. The main goal of this change is to make him more "elemental" and be classified as a Hybrid of Disruptor and Battle Mage.

    Making lore is a challenge for me, because my vocabulary in english is quite few, an…

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  • Johnarch77

    Thrender the Element Master

    September 29, 2016 by Johnarch77

    Hi this is my champion concept: Thrender, the Element Master. Yes, as an elemental master, he is inspired by Avatar (cartoon) Thrender has an ability mechanic similar to Udyr in a sense that he has no ultimate ability, but not too similar in a sense that he has no stance, persistent effects, etc. Thrender is about 21 - 25 years of age. Also, the other inspiration of this champ is the rumored skin , that before Lux became an elementalist, she met Thrender on a journey, and through him, Lux learned how to use the 4 elements (this is for the lore, but I don't have it yet 'cuz I haven't thought of any events that would lead to that)

    Thrender has no ultimate ability: instead, any ability can be learned from the start and each has 5 ranks. Also, e…

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  • Johnarch77

    Eires the Corrupted Angel

    September 8, 2014 by Johnarch77

    Hello every one. This is own my concept, Eires the Corrupted Angel. I can't tell if this concept is unique and or fun, let me know your thoughts :D .

    Although the title is Corrupted Angel, Eires is innocent, calm and of course I'd like her to be beautiful as an angel. A creature of void got interested on her and tried to possess her body. Although the creature is strong, Eires has a strong will. Their wills battled each other. Eires hardly won the battle, but she managed to overcome the creature, leaving the attempt of possession to fail and then she fainted. When Eires woke up, she found her self tainted with dark magic. She then realized that the creature became part of her. Eires's left arm turned demonic, one of her wings became dark an…

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