Ok its my first post so try to be polite.I just want to share what i think for the support role in the current meta(note that this is my personal opinion,if you disagree feel free to leave a comment saying what do you think).Players usually dont pick that role,they get stuck with it(not always the case ofc).So what i think is the problem?

1) You wouldnt like to play a boring game would you?Sometimes the support role can get really boring,that depends on the champion of course,eg you get less action with Soraka than with Leona since their kits focus on different things.I dont enjoy it when i spend 10-15mins just warding/healing/shielding and waiting for my ADC to farm.The situation gets a bit worse later in the game.Since everyone else farmed they have enough gold to buy the items they want,while you have to spend gold on wards and oracle,and if your enemies can kill your tanky solo top,they can kill you too,easily.I bet you dont like being the free kill for your opponents and dying at every team fight is boring too.

2) What do you give and what do you get.As a support i see my acts as really polite,i leave all the farm to my other laner,i leave him the kills,i choose to die instead of him etc.But its not very polite when they want to crucify you for killing a minion or getting a kill to ensure it.Maybe thats not very usual in higher tiers but most people are common mortals of <gold and they have to deal with psychos.

3) Is it really more suitable for you to buy the wards?Thats a part i find stupid,wards cost 75(125 for purple),as a support you usually buy the Ruby Sightstone which costs 1550 gold and gives you 3 wards at a time,not even close to enough for map control,which means you need more.Why is the support the only one to buy wards?Since you dont farm this 75 gold is A LOT TO YOU but NOTHING FOR TOP,MID,ADC.If they bought 2 wards that means your team has 9 wards and that gives you control of the map.I always buy wards when i have an empty slot and some extra gold,and really feel more safe when theres a Lee Sin in my team(2 Ruby Sightstones in one team are op).

4) What difference would it make if you got gold and kills?Champions like Soraka,Sona,Janna are common supports but also powerfull mages.Soraka has a 2.5 sec silence when E is maxed,that gives your team enough time to exterminate that cocky Ahri before she even casts one spell(personal experience in SR,feels awesome),spam Q with a Rylais and your opponents cant move(reducing magic res too),heal for insane amounts.Janna can shield 600dmg,Karma can shield the whole team for 600 dmg,BEAT THAT! Even tanky ones like Alistar,Blitzcrank can be unkillable if you show them some love.

I could go on but i think these are enough(plus if i stretch it more it would be boring to read,or more boring).Just to end,i think some team in DLC used Annie and Brand bot and probably dominated since people copy it,and i'm happy to see that some players try different combos they think would fit and have fun,not just go the old way cause everyone else does.