After reading some of the champion ideas/concept, I decided to make one, so here it is ^_^

Velid, the Blood KillerEdit

Velid is a manaless melee assassin that can kill someone easily just by jumping in their position. Velid can be built assassin or semi for durabilty.

  • Innate: Hemorrhage Bleed
    • If Viled hits an enemy with his abilities, he applies a debuff called Bleed that gives his next ability a bonus effect if used to the enemy affected with bleed.
  • Q: Savagery 2 Blood Spill
    • Viled charges his blade dealing 100%/105%/110%/115%/120% of Attack Damage
    • Bleed - Deals a bonus 30/40/50/60/75 True Damage and slows the target for 20%/25%/30%/35%/40%
    • CD:8 at all ranks
  • W: Judgment Blood Spin
    • Viled spins in a circle dealing 40/75/110/150/180 (0.7 AD) and slows the enemies for 35% percent.
    • Bleed : Instead of slowing the target, Viled stuns them.
      • CD: 12 at all ranks
  • E: Leap Blood Leap
    • Velid leaps to a target dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (0.5 AD)
    • Bleed : Slows the target for 50%
      • CD:24/21/19/17/15
  • R: Expunge Bleeding Death
    • Velid cuts a massive wound that deals 200 (0.7 AD) for the first second. While active for 3 seconds, Velid deals 7%/14%/20% more damage and deals another 150 (0.5 AD) after the duration has finished.
    • Bleed : Instead of 7%/14%/20% more damage, it now deals 9%/15%/24% more damage
      • CD:90/70/60

Within the Shurima Desert lies a tribe called Lohnoudberst. The Lohnoudberst is a tribe with a ritual called Blood Sacrifice where they collect a certain amount of blood. Every year it is sacrificed to their God called Bladeth where gives power to the man who gets the most blood. There is a man who gets the most blood every year and his name is Velid. Velid is the son of the greatest Bloodhunter in the tribe called Vladzpil. His father one told him that after 10 consecutive years where he is the man with the gets the most blood, he gets an unimaginable power that can be used to rule the world. So Velid, with his quest, continued in hunting blood and hoping for the power that will be given to him.

"There are people that do things for a reason. For some of them... it's power." - Ezreal

Tips and Strategy

For a sure kill, open up with Leap Blood Leap and apply Hemorrhage Bleed then use your Ultimate Expunge Bleeding Death for more damage and use Judgment Blood Spin to apply another Hemorrhage Bleed and use your powered effect of Savagery 2 Blood Spill to and finish the combo with some auto attacks before the 3 seconds of Expunge Bleeding Death expires and deals tons of damage