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  • Joshua Milewski

    LoL Contest

    August 7, 2011 by Joshua Milewski

    I actually starting playing LoL while it was still in beta phase. That being said, I have no recollection of every playing during the beta, my friends tell me I was because I have the UFO Corki sking given to the beta testers. I played it once and didn't really enjoy it because I didn't really know how it worked at that point. About a year later most of my friends start playing it and I get "converted" to say the least. Once I got the hang of it, I got really addicted to the game, in less then a year I have racked up over 650 wins. The most appealing things about this game to me is that it reminds me a lot of DotA except the community is better, if you have played DotA recently, almost everyone quizzes people who join their games and kick…

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