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Let's see if I can win a contest for a change.

I actually starting playing LoL while it was still in beta phase. That being said, I have no recollection of every playing during the beta, my friends tell me I was because I have the UFO Corki sking given to the beta testers. I played it once and didn't really enjoy it because I didn't really know how it worked at that point. About a year later most of my friends start playing it and I get "converted" to say the least. Once I got the hang of it, I got really addicted to the game, in less then a year I have racked up over 650 wins. The most appealing things about this game to me is that it reminds me a lot of DotA except the community is better, if you have played DotA recently, almost everyone quizzes people who join their games and kick out new people. I also like how there is new content being added every couple of weeks, that keeps the gameplay fresh for me so I don't get bored of it like most MMO's

My favorite character and my main in LoL is Nasus, the Curator of the Sands. I like Nasus because......well there are lots of reasons I like Nasus. His passive gives him lifesteal off start, and he is naturally tanky to begin with, able to stay in fights for a long time while constantly getting his health back. Siphon Strike is such a great ability because of how it constantly gets stronger the longer the game goes, although there are rumors of a damage cap being put on soon for the Siphoned damage I think it is a fair nerf because it can get to be very overpowered. Wither is a nice little skill that actually opens up another summoner slot for nasus; wither does a pretty nice slow so you don't really need exhaust while using him because wither does the same thing minus the damage reduction. But I think is best basic abitliy is the Spirit Fire. Spirit Fire is in my opinion one of the most underrated abilities in the game. If you level this skill to 5 first your farming ablilty is through the roof, Nasus can farm entire creep waves with just one spirit fire. Is ultimate is also surprisingly overpowered as well; it gives Nasus not only health but sap enemy attack damage and adds it too himslef? AND it does percent damage per second to anyone nearby? That is badass. Overall, hes a tanky character with a lot of damage behind him and a lot of farming ability, and my favorite character in LoL.

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