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  • I live in Magsaysay St., Pasil Cebu City
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • JuneReil123

    Hey summoners! This is me, 2nd Gemini, with my partner, Invisibleman (I mean literally). And as we all know, "nobody cares of who I am; nobody gives a f.. I mean scrap to me"

    So... now we know each other :) , let's get back to the main topic, "the Clairvoyance thingy". I don't need to tell you what's the use of it because most  of us already know about it but I'll tell you it's season 4 changes :)

    Season 4 changes of Clairvoyance

    Effect: reveals an area for 5 secs.

    CD: 60 secs

    Range: Global

    It's a good thing right? that it already had low CD, it is global and reveals area for 5 secs! But, But, BUT, there's a big BUTT...er...cup. the clairvoyance can be seen by the enemy even in the fog of war. So this means they will "know" the possible plans of…

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  • JuneReil123

    Riot please bring back support Zilean! why because we are lacking support champions and we need it. He is even too boring to play just like a stone being a stone. You might want to change his kit similar to Lulu's or Janna's that makes him strategic and exciting to be played as a support.

    "Zilean as a Mage?"

    - He will be the worst mages that brings strategic ways than being a support because planting bombs is his main harass. So what's wrong in bombs? It is boring and we need to get near to the enemy to plant bombs then wait a few seconds to let it explode. In late game, he is not a mage anymore but a support, BUT we need the support zilean in all games!

    "What makes Support Zilean boring?"

    TIME BOMB- Main strong harrass you mean like nidalee's…

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