Riot please bring back support Zilean! why because we are lacking support champions and we need it. He is even too boring to play just like a stone being a stone. You might want to change his kit similar to Lulu's or Janna's that makes him strategic and exciting to be played as a support.

"Zilean as a Mage?"

- He will be the worst mages that brings strategic ways than being a support because planting bombs is his main harass. So what's wrong in bombs? It is boring and we need to get near to the enemy to plant bombs then wait a few seconds to let it explode. In late game, he is not a mage anymore but a support, BUT we need the support zilean in all games!

"What makes Support Zilean boring?"

TIME BOMB- Main strong harrass you mean like nidalee's spear or Lulu's Glitterlance? are you kidding?  It will fall late game even mid game because he doesn't stack ap, instead he buys GP10 and Supp items. So even he has high ap scaling it is still useless.

REWIND- why need it? we already have CDR items, runes and masteries. It is too selfish for being a support. It will be better if this is a sustain for allies including himself.

CHRONOSHIFT- Yup, it's a good skill but the same with TIME BOMB it will fall mid and late game. the high ap scaling of this skill is useless because Supp zilean does not have enough ap. Imagine an ally revived with 1100 hp then directly killed by the enemy team with high damage output while waiting for the stasis, the ult comes useless.

HEIGHTENED LEARNING AND TIME WARP- they are good skills for a Supp Zilean it will be better if these are retained.


Riot, Bring back Supp Zilean because he is better than being a mage, we are lacking support champs, he is too boring to play, and foremost we all need to bring zilean back to those who played him back in time. :)