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  • JungHaio

    Hello! I had an idea a while back for a champion that would be Kassadin's daughter, who was sacraficed to the void by Malz. It's been in my head for some time, and I've gone through multiple revisions without ever writing anything down. I'm still new to this whole wiki thing so I don't have it in the pretty format for a champion, just text. She'd be primarily a support caster (think Annie, Zyra, Karma) but I think she could work as an utility mage.

    Imagine her as a older teen or young woman, but obviously corrupted by her time in the Void. Not so much Void energy, but actual purple gunk, or flesh or something. The substance would usually manifest itself as tentacles.

    Varvara, the Daughter of the Void

    Passive: Void Chunks

    Every time Varvara hit…

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