Karthus Karthus May have a bug where his ult may return to normal cooldowns.

Ultra Rapid Fire mode is such a lolzy way to play. What team do you think best for Rapid fire? What spells, masteries, runes and gear?

Just won 4 games in a row. My brother had Teemo Teemo all 4, and I went Ashe Ashe in the first and second (I don't recommend her - to squishy), then Annie Annie (just keep hitting e) and then Kayle Kayle. in the last 3, I went with Revive.png revive/Teleport.png teleport. it's amazing. in the third game, EVERYONE had those spells.

  • Teemo shroomy boy really rocks. he does not even have to go to team fights once he is level 6.
  • Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel seems to take to long to come up to be really worth it.
  • Lux Laser Girl is on ultra fire mode.

I recommend to ban Soraka Soraka and Karthus Karthus unless you want to play them, but I really think they are more annoying than fun.

Then there is that champ whom everyone HATES to chase, and when she is played super well, she can just dance while taking advantage of both cat and human forms. Nidalee catwoman now has a long range spear O' death for an AUTO ATTACK!

anyway, what are you finding to be the best. I got baron replay running on some games. let us all know if you got some AMAZING footage.