• Just one lol player

    Hi ! I was searching for great custom items and other players' concepts for 6 months, so everything I found interesting I copied to Notepad. Then I reworked them a bit and here they are.

    • This is only the skeleton of the items, it's not decorated (WORK IN PROGRESS)
    • I WANT your opinion, PLS comment. Everything that will help is useful.
    • These are mostly not my concepts (I stole - borrowed - them from official LoL forums and LoL wiki forums) so do not be mad at me if your work is here
    • I might add something new and rework this blog in the coming weeks.
    • Sorry for different icon sizes.
    Change Log

    • Needlessly Large Rod (1600g)
    • Ruby Crystal (475g)
    • 1025g
    • = 3100g
    • +90 ability power
    • +250 health
    Unique Passive

    Every time your champion takes damage all …

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