Ok so Pookah's backstory is that he was a villager who made a large donation of money to the league of legends in exchange for being allowed to live jn the jungle of the Twisted Treeline/ Summoner's Rift/ Crystal Scar. However one day while harvesting Coconuts, he is attacked by Baron Nashor who mistakes him for a champion. The champions participating in the match postpone their fight to help Pookah but are stunned to see he defeated baron with only his coconuts and his harvesting Scythe. Impressed by his performance, the league offers him the chance to join and pookah gladly accepts.

Passive- Villager's Blood. Pookah gains 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.4/0.5 health regeneration for 6/7/8 seconds after killing a Monster, Promoted Minion, Champion, Turret or Inhibitor. Assists on Champions will add half.

Q- Scythe Swipe. Pookah swipes his scythe in a wide cone in front of him, dealing 60/65/70/75/80 damage and reducing the target's health regen by 0.3 for 4 seconds.

W- Coconut Toss. Pookah hurls a large coconut at target champion, dealing 80/100/130/155 damage and marking the target with coconut juice, revealing them to all allies for 7/8/9/10/11 seconds.

E- Wall of Trees. After channeling for 3.5 seconds, Pookah throws magic seeds that grow a large column of coconut trees that can block an entire lane if used at the right angle. When the trees die they fall over damaging nearby enemy champions and flinging bananas all over the map. The bananas don't do anything but a are just a fun little effect.

R- Villager's Call. Pookah yells in his native language, summoning 5 villagers who will split up and follow every champion on pookah's team and prioritize their champion's target. The villagers health and stats depend on their champion's stats.They will fight for a minute and a half before running away. When the villagers flee, they give 10 percent of their remaining health to their champion.

First champ guys but i would like comments as long as you don't curse me out. Feel free to point out if you think he's op. If you like him, show your support!