• Jyroboom13

    Hey guys I am going to show you my first character concept, Flex The Rubberman, I thought him as Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. His range is quite big range and he is a good harasser, which can make him perfect for ganks and a good jungler.He is a good dps carry but he has lacks crowd control which makes him very hard to catch and escape to Yi's and fast champions.


    Health: 420 (+25) Mana:230 (+50.4)

    Health Regen.: 7.25 (+32) Mana Regen.: 4.20 (+.90)

    Attack Damage: 56 (+3.5) Magic Resist: 20 (+0)

    Attack Speed: 0.7 (+45) Movement Speed: 320

    Armor: 23 (+ 5.9)


    Innate: Rubber Hands

    Flex's rubber body allows him to hit unit as far as 800 radius.

    This is what makes Flex OP. Especcially when he has red buff or a slow item (Rylai's or Phage). …

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