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    Are tank items op atm?

    February 18, 2013 by Kablorenth

    I'm just tired of being stomped over and over again by bruisers. Garen for example it's a champion who can rush a Sunfire Cape, Warmog's, Randuin's and still do a lot of damage mid game (Which is why my team can hardly reach late game) or Olaf, with a Warmog's he's already a threat. Xin Zhao can rush an Iron Solari or a Warmog's and still do an efficient damage. Rumble gets a Rylai's and then rushes another tank item so he can keep on spamming in teamfights. Ezreal can go Gauntlet to counter the other adc and Tankarina is giving a lot of trouble in lowleague.

    Which makes me think that is not only the high base damage of bruisers (mostly) but all the items that are made to tank instead of damage, you know someone is really hard to kill when …

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