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  • Kagimizu

    Tryndamere Rework

    December 30, 2014 by Kagimizu

    Now I'm sure we're all aware of how problematic Tryndamere can be. What's more, in my personal opinion, his kit doesn't really match "raging barbarian the charges into battle while refusing to die". It's binary and when he gets ahead, can be just genuinely overloaded. What's more, he's just rampant in his splitpushing. So here I am, offering a hypothetical rework of the Barbarian King.

    Please note that this is my first time working with the templates for Champions, so the whole thing is incomplete. Thus, this is very much a work in progress. Besides that, I look forward to hearing feedback and ideas!

    seconds or until his fury dissipates. While Undying Rage is active, any damage that would reduce Tryndamere below 1 HP instead consumes a porti…
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  • Kagimizu

    So for those who aren't in the know, Kha'zix is a bit of a troublesome purple bug right now. Because of his burst and dueling power Kha'zix is a champion that, with the right build, can force and initiate fights like a bruiser yet quickly finish them as an assassin. Because of this and his high pick/ban rate, Kha has been the subject of a few changes and nerfs. And I can understand why; Riot wants to make everything balanced and fair, so that every champion has their chance to shine. The problem with Kha'zix is that he has too many toys and hogs the playground, forcing out other champions.

    Now I know no-one likes seeing their favorite champion get hit with the nerf bat; I sure as hell don't. In fact, Kha'zix is my favorite, main, and FIRST …

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  • Kagimizu

    My first blog like this, though I've created a few such posts on the League of Legends official forums.

    None truly know where the mysterious yet extravagant Toa comes from, if that even is his true name. Some say he is a technological genius that hails from Piltover, using hextech equipment for his fiery feats. Others believe he is a masterful sorcerer, using his expertise in controlling flames to amaze and inspire the masses. Still others believe that he sold his soul to demonic beings for great infernal might. But regardless of his origins, the one thing everyone does know is that he is a performer above all else, and that he has accomplished what was previously thought impossible.

    Toa was once a wandering performer, causing flames to danc…

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  • Kagimizu

    Kha'zix Build Help?

    May 1, 2013 by Kagimizu

    My main champion is . Thanks to a friend he was also the first champion I ever played. As you can imagine, starting off with such a complicated character... has its difficulties. Even after playing for over two weeks I'm still JUST learning how to properly use him. Like for one: Don't start in the mid lane where nine times out of ten you'll run into the ranged mage of the team (Yes I'm still facing basic bots, sue me). I also have trouble with jungling, because whenever I've tried it I tend to fall behind.

    What's probably my biggest problem though is the builds. There are just so many suggestions saying what's good or what's best, that I just don't know how to go about making Kha'Zix as effective as he can be. So in the end I'm forced to re…

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  • Kagimizu

    Lore Changes?

    April 30, 2013 by Kagimizu

    Can someone tell me if some of the lore changes to the newer characters are temporary to befit the Freljord patch/event, or are they permanent? One of the reasons I ask why is because of Volibear's changed lore, where he's now allied with the war-mongering Sejuani rather than Ashe. I've got no hate for Sejuani (though her previous lore seemed a lot nicer and more sympathetic), but Volibear's old lore seemed to make more sense. And then there's Udyr suddenly being involved in the whole thing, which is news to me.

    So yeah, I'm hoping some of these lore changes are just for an event of some sort, but could someone give me an idea of whether or not that's the case?

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