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Lore Changes?

Kagimizu April 30, 2013 User blog:Kagimizu

Can someone tell me if some of the lore changes to the newer characters are temporary to befit the Freljord patch/event, or are they permanent? One of the reasons I ask why is because of Volibear's changed lore, where he's now allied with the war-mongering Sejuani rather than Ashe. I've got no hate for Sejuani (though her previous lore seemed a lot nicer and more sympathetic), but Volibear's old lore seemed to make more sense. And then there's Udyr suddenly being involved in the whole thing, which is news to me.

So yeah, I'm hoping some of these lore changes are just for an event of some sort, but could someone give me an idea of whether or not that's the case?

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