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    Note: I'm not sure if removing the "Blog Post" tag is appropriate since this is still a blog of sorts. I will add the "Custom Champion" tag, of course. If the previous tag must absolutely be removed, please say so and I will remove it.

    Note #2: I forgot what the procedures are for posting images. If someone could remind me, that would be awesome.


    Hello, yes it's me KaiserLos.

    It's currently my vacation where I'm at and I'm bored out of my mind. I could play League but my PC is a bit of a toaster so I don't think playing there will be an option anytime soon.

    So I thought maybe I can practice drawing and stuff. But I never really had inspiration. I do…

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  • KaiserLos24

    It's that time of the year, guys. It's the nearing end of Season 5 of League and the Pre-season is here with lots of changes coming. I'll be stating just what I think of everything after having read the changes. I may tackle some item price changes, but I probably won't stress out too much on them. I'll be perioidically editing and updating this blog if new content is released.

    One of the reasons (but not the main reason) I tried to climb to Gold (and was successful in doing so) The Victorious skins are rewards to players who achieved a rank of Gold and up. I managed to get Gold last season from starting all the way from Bronze II. Victorious Morgana was kinda cool. 

    But now, I'm not as impressed as last year. Honestly speaking, Victorious Si…

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  • KaiserLos24

    It's that time again, guys. Another champion leak similar to Ekko's tease, which was a champion select quote.


    "I'm not a fan of (giving) lectures, broken bones are a better teacher." 

    Now that's a fan translation because the select quote was in Portuguese. Speculate away guys. What do you think this new champion's role is? Has anyone made any theories before about this champion? Discuss. 

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  • KaiserLos24

    As you guys may have known, it has been teased a year ago that League wil be having a Japanese server. With that being said, that would also mean having Japanese voice actors doing the lines for each champion. 

    There haven't been any updates since then. That is, until I stumbled upon Pawnce's YouTube video about an update. 

    This is the actual video.  


    And here's a video with English subs.

    I personally think this is really cool. I am a big anime fan and I love the Japanese; its language and culture. And I love League so this is such a big turn on for me. Thoughts? 

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  • KaiserLos24

    Here's my take on a rework for Yorick. I took some inspiration from stuff the old rework had and I'm gonna mix in a bit of something I came up with. I tried to make one using the normal champion template but I failed miserably, so here's a take two. Opinions are very welcome. I won't add any real values and will focus solely on the kit. 

    Passive-  Call of the Grave

    GRAVES- Graves of fallen warriors are located all around the map. Yorick's presence allows the fallen warriors from those graves to rise again as Ghouls if he stands near them for 3 seconds. Graves can not be used again for x seconds.

    DEATH'S CALL- After casting a basic ability, Yorick summons a Ghoul. Ghouls have x+(x% maximum health) health and (x% total AD) attack damage. Ghouls…

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