Here's my take on a rework for Yorick. I took some inspiration from stuff the old rework had and I'm gonna mix in a bit of something I came up with. I tried to make one using the normal champion template but I failed miserably, so here's a take two. Opinions are very welcome. I won't add any real values and will focus solely on the kit. 

Passive-  Call of the Grave

GRAVES- Graves of fallen warriors are located all around the map. Yorick's presence allows the fallen warriors from those graves to rise again as Ghouls if he stands near them for 3 seconds. Graves can not be used again for x seconds.

DEATH'S CALL- After casting a basic ability, Yorick summons a Ghoul. Ghouls have x+(x% maximum health) health and (x% total AD) attack damage. Ghouls last for x+(x * level) seconds. 

For each active Ghoul, Yorick's attack damage will be increased by X.

Q- Shovel Cleave

ACTIVE- Yorick swipes his shovel, dealing physical damage in an arc to all enemy unitsin front of him. All active ghouls will also swipe the area around them, dealing magic damage to enemy units within their range and heal Yorick for a percentage of his maximum health. 

W- Dead Rising

ACTIVE- Yorick calls forth a Ghoul to travel underground in a straight line, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies caught in its path. If the Ghoul collides with an enemy champion, the Ghoul will rise from the ground and grab on to that enemy champion, stunning them for a short duration. 

E- Onslaught 

PASSIVE- Ghouls gain damage reduction from Area of Effect abilities. 

ACTIVE- Yorick summons a Ghoul and commands all other active Ghouls to attack a selected enemy unit. If no Ghouls manage to reach the target within X seconds, this ability's cooldown is reduced by 35%.

R- Death's Door

ACTIVE- Yorick digs on the ground in the area in front of him and opens up a grave, dealing magic damage to all enemy units within range. 4 Ghouls will rise from this grave and all other active Ghouls gain bonus movement speed.