Hi there :) KaiserLos here with another blog. 

I hope I'm not the only summoner who's excited for the release of Ao Shin. Why? Because, in my own opinion, he is one of the most best-looking champions in the League (The released sketch isn't the official design for him, I believe. So there may be changes in the future) There really is no true Dragon champion. Shyvana isn't a real dragon. In fact, her Dragon form is a Wyvern (But she's still an awesome champion though) And I think  a chinese-dragon champion would make a great addition to the league.

So in the mean time, we can discuss how Ao Shin will be played and think up of abilities for him based on the sketch Riot released. 

Here are my ideas for his abilities: 

Passive: Ao Shin's ancient power allows him to deal more damage. Ao Shin gains bonus Attack Damage equal to x% of his total Ability power. 

Q: After a 0.5 second delay, Ao Shin shoots a bolt of lightning in front of him, dealing magic damage to all enemies in its path. All enemies struck will be marked with "Electrocuted", receieving magic damage per 0.5 second for 6 seconds. 

W: Passive: Ao Shin is surrounded by raging winds, reducing damage taken by X% and storing every point of mitigated damage (up to a cap). This passive is unavailable while the skill is on cooldown.

Active: Ao Shin unleashes the winds surrounding him, dealing magic damage, plus x% of the soaked up damage as true damage to all nearby enemies.

E: Ao Shin rushes forward, surrounded by wind and lightning, dealing magic damage to all enemies in his path.  Enemies marked with "Electrocuted" will be briefly silenced.

R: Ao Shin summons a storm around him, dealing Magic damage to all nearby enemies. Enemies marked with "Electrocuted" wil receive x% more damage. 

Mehhh I'm not good at making kits and stuff ._. If you have better ideas, please feel free to comment below and share your ideas :D