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Precise Strike (Passive)

Aru's basic attacks deal bonus true damage for a percentage of his Maximum health [5% Max Health x (Level/2)]

Flaming Roar (Q)

Aru shoots a fireball from his hands, dealing physical damage. Flaming Roar can be charge to up to 3 levels, with each level costing 5 more mana than the last. 

Level 1 (Short-Medium ranged): A blue fireball that explodes, dealing splash damage, when it hits an enemy or has reached its maximum target. 

Level 2 (Long Ranged): A red fireball that passes through multiple enemies, dealing the same amount of damage to each enemy. 

Level 3 (Global): Only available upon activation of Dark Passage. A dark beam that damages all enemies in its path and decreases their armor. If an enemy champion is killed by this ability, Dark Passage is extended for 4 seconds. 

Hurricane (W)

Aru extends his foot forward and spins for 3.5 seconds, dealing physical damage to enemies within range. Aru can move while spinning. 

During Dark Passage: Aru starts emitting electricity from his body, dealing more damage and the spin lasts 1.5 more seconds. 

Rising Dragon (E)

Aru dashes forward and uppercuts the targetted enemy unit, knocking them into the air and dealing physical damage. 

During Dark Passage: Aru becomes untargettable during the dash, and the uppercut deals more damage and stuns the enemy after being knocked into the air.

Dark Passage (E)

Aru transforms into his dark mode, gaining bonus movement speed, attack damage, armor and magic resistance for 10 seconds. All of his abilities will cost both health (Primarily) and mana (Secondary). Mana becomes a secondary resource that empowers Aru's abilities and is not needed to be able to cast them.


  • This champion concept is not to be taken seriously, and is merely a product of my boredom. 
  • Obviously based off Street Fighter's Ryu/Evil Ryu
  • Comments and suggestions are appreciated
  • :P