Hi there:D

You may all know me as the guy with horrible original champion concepts. But I think that's partly over. I'm KaiserLos, and this is my first "real" blog.

I wanted to discuss something that might have occured to many people playing LoL. But first, here's my story.

It was break time from my college classes. It lasts one hour and that is enough for one LoL match. I picked Aatrox, because I felt like playing as him. I went top-lane with a Pantheon and we were dominating that lane. We'd combo a Dark Flight Dark Flight and Aegis of Zeonia Aegis of Zeonia, and we'd deal loads of damage early. but later on, that Pantheon disconnected and there were only four of us left. 

The enemy Teemo caught wind of this and took advantage of it. Me and my team aren't the best players, and Teemo is a pretty cheap character, in my honest opinion. And he was really pwning everyone. And the guy playing Teemo was pretty arogant, calling us "noobs" and "idiots." So I took it upon myself to carry what's left of my team to victory. I got a pretty magic resistant and very high-damaging build for Aatrox. I think I had a Phantom Dancer, BotRk, BT, Berserker's greaves, Spirit Visage and Wit's end. I had so much lifesteal that I can just toggle Blood Price Blood Price and leave it there.

We won, eventually. 58 kills from us and they got 53. Then at the post-game screen, I couldn't help but make fun of their Teemo like "Who's weak now?" It was a childish act on my part. But winning against people like those is fulfilling. 

I reported him for Verbal Abuse LOL. 

But anyways, have you ever experienced something like this before? It'd be really an interesting read :P