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Champions for Pre-30 Summoners

The title is very self-explanatory. I was just wondering who are the best champions suited for summoners who are pre-30. People who have complete page of runes and full 21-9-0/21-0-9/9-21-0 masteries definitely have an advantage over summoners who don't. I encountered this problem once. I was a tad bit better than the people I was playing with and against, so I had the feeling I was gonna be put against a level 30 summoner sooner or later. And I was. I was playing as Wukong and there was a Darius on the enemy team who did crazy amounts of damage during the early game. I can only think he had complete runes and masteries because I experienced playing as Darius and didn't come near to dealing that amount of damage. 

Now before anything, I want to ask: Just how much of an impact do runes and masteries have? 

And here I am, wondering who would be a great starting champion for summoners who just started the game and barely have anything.

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