I'm sure many have seen this image. 

(Just click on it to have a better view of the whole scene) 

LoL Battle 6

Seems pretty normal, right?

Actually, no. Not entirely. It may look like a typical Riot official artwork. It has Jinx, Vi, Garen, Lucian, Lux, Xerath and even Rengar. But just exactly who is the monster being fough by Garen? I think it's fairly abvious who the monster is.

But let's take in some prime suspects, shall we? 


The outer covering of the monster seems to be fairly hard and sturdy. As hard as rock, possibly. And he's got lava (or lava-like substance) around his mouth. However, it has a smoother surface, unlike Malphite's jagged, rocky outer crust. And I also doubt that Malphite has a tongue, since he's made of rock. So Malphite's out of the question.


Baron Nashor

It's entirely possible, right? However, Baron Nashor is described more as a giant worm-like creature. Worms typically have smooth surfaces, a trait that is indeed present on the Baron. And also, Baron had his visual update, but is not in-game yet ( Check out this video  to see for yourself) 

Baron Nashor

And thus, the conclusion

Cho'Gath is definitely the monster fighting Garen in the picture. It looks very similar to him. Green eyes. Large mouth with rows of sharp teeth. Thos arms on his back. And the two horns on the side of his head. But why does he look so different? This can really only mean one thing: A visual update.

It is still just a teaser. There's still no confirmation on this. But I am quite sure that Cho'Gath will be receiving a visual update very soon. Maybe in like 3-4 more patches away.

Which now leads to some questions

Question #1

- How are they going to interpret/explain where the spikes from his E ability (Vorpal Spikes) come from? Like the old model for Heimerdinger, they just seemed to come out of nowhere. Maybe spike racks similar to Kha'Zix?

Question #2

- How does Cho'Gath control where the Rupture area would be affected? And where did the spikes from the ground come from? Is Riot going to change this somehow? Is Cho'Gath somehow able to channel some form of energy and make it go where he pleases? 

Question #3

- Just how big is he going to be? His current model with no stacks on his ultimate really makes him look small and non-threatening at all. Riot is probably going to fix this. How tall do you think Cho'Gath is going to be?

Question #4

- Is it possible Cho'Gath may have a kit rework like Katarina or Sejuani? If so, what would they change and how would they change it?

That's it for me. If you took the time to read all this, I greatly appreciate it :P