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Draconian Counter-Defense (Passive)

After every 8th basic attack, Dravion blocks all enemy attacks and deals damage to the enemy he is currently attacking for a portion dependent on the enemy's maximum health.

Spear Throw (Q) / Dragonborne Arrows (Toggle)

Spear Throw: Dravion hurls his spear, dealing splash damage when it hits an enemy unit. Dravion will start attacking with his bow until he retrieves his spear. If Dravion retrieves his spear below 15 seconds after casting, he is healed for a small amount and gains 5% movement speed. You must manually walk over the spear to retrieve it. 

Dragonborne Arrows: Dravion's long-ranged basic attacks deal bonus magic damage at the cost of mana.

Wings of Ishtarr (W)

Dravion flaps his wings, pushing all enemy units in front of him in the direction this ability is cast and causes him to jump backwards a short distance. If this ability is cast closer, the enemy is pushed back farther and is stunned for 1 second. 

Furious Charge/ Dragon Missile (E)

Furious Charge (Melee): Dravion charges forward, dealing physical damage to all enemies in his path. After casting, the next attack within 5 seconds will deal bonus physical damage.

Dragon Missile (Long-Ranged): Dravion fires a great, flaming arrow, damaging all enemy units it passes through for the same amount of damage. When it has reached its maximum range, it explodes, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies and sets a small area on fire, revealing it for 15 seconds.

Hele's Comet (R)

Dravion jumps high into the air with the help of his wings, making him untargettable for 1 second. Afterwards, he flies down and thrusts his spear unto an enemy unit, dealing physical damage. Dravion must have his spear to cast this skill.