Mist is brewing in the Shadow Isles

Harrowing 2014 promo

We all know for a fact that something is definitely coming from the Shadow Isles. What with all these teasers and images. The cinematic as well. 

Now while it is unclear just what is coming, some say it's a Mordekaiser/Evelynn/Shaco rework and visual upgrade. Some say it's the ultimate skin Riot said was gonna be released before 2014 ends. But it is highly likely thatit is in fact a new champion. 

The purpose of this blog is the same as my older one, but this will be periodically updated as Riot announces something. Simply put, this is a summary of what Riot has teased, trivias, theories and possible connections to what Riot has in store for us.

The dead prophet   

First off, we have the so called "Prophet" from the Reddit forums. The user WhyRenektonWhy is the same person who accurately depicted Yasuo, URF mode, and Gnar's releases a whole month early. And with his new post claiming the new champion "Kalista" is coming, it brewed up a storm over Reddit and the League community in general. His account was deleted, however. But his post still remains to this day. 

According to him, Kalista is an AD Carry with a leash-type mechanic that connect him/her to an allied champion, which would most likely be the support for the majority of the game. 

The Black Mist

The  official champion pages for Zed , Xerath , Twisted Fate , Lissandra , LeBlanc , Hecarim and Cassiopeia has been covered by a mysterious black mist. One common ideal that binds these champions together is the fact that they are traitors. More info can be seen here.

We are Vengeance

"We are Vengeance"

"We are Vengeance"

This video teaser was originally posted by the League of Legends- Oceania Facebook page and was unnamed. The video was found nowhere else until the League of Legends Facebook page posted it with the phrase "We are Vengeance." The same black mist and teal light/lightning can be seen behind the banner. And the same 3-skulls pattern can be seen in the Summoner Icon you get for playing and winning 3 TTL- Hexakill matches.

Mark of the Betrayer profileicon

Mark of the Betrayer

Here's the image of the Icon for comparison. 

The Shadow Isles Crest

KaiserLos24 ShadowCrest

This time, this image was posted by the Italian League of Legends Facebook page. This image is actually the same head of another TTL Summoner Icon. As of now, it has not yet been named. 

Shadow Isles Crest profileicon

Shadow Isles Crest

And a similar image can be seen from the actual Shadow Isles crest.

Shadow Isles crest

Under the woman is a skull-figure with a head that is set ablaze. The flaming head feature is also present with the two images above.

Tales of the Black Mist 

Tales of the Black Mist The Harrowing

Tales of the Black Mist The Harrowing

"Many are the grim tales told of the Shadow Isles, and the Black Mist that shrouds them. And while all good folk shun this cursed land. 

Sometimes, its darkness comes for you. The Black Mist ebbs and flows like the tide. Yet, now and then, on a night much like tonight, it reaches far across the sea.

Searching. Seeking. Killing.

This time is known as... The Harrowing.

During The Harrowing, the spirits of the Shadow Isles go forth within the Black Mist.

Preying on the living. Feeding the darkness.

There is no coming back once you're claimed by The Harrowing. You're cursed, condemned to haunt the Black Mist forevermore."

A cinematic that Riot released for Harrowing 2014. Some say it is just a promotional video for the Harrowing event. But notice how the same black mist is evidently present as the main plot behind the video. It is described as being present every year during the Harrowing, sending forth the spirits of the Shadow Isles.


Recently, a writer who named himself "Fabulista", meaning tale-teller or story teller, or something along those lines. I believe it was stated that he is the same person who told the tale of River Spirit Nami, because he is in fact Brazilian. He has been answering the questions of many forum users. Here are links to the conversations:




Fabulista has made mention of two characters whom he named "The Paladin of Pain" and "The Cleric of Death." Which is most likely Mordekaiser and Karthus, respectively. Notice how Fabulista, after some time, has been referring to himself as "we" and using plural pronouns, and has been acting more hostile against the users who have asked him questions. "We" could possibly mean him and the many spirits of the Shadow Isles. Just what could Fabulista be hiding?

Greek inspiration

It is interesting to note that the name "Kalista" could possibly have been derived from the Greek "Callisto ."  

Callisto is 'a nymph from Greek mythology who vowed into abstinence but was tricked by Zeus into breaking that vow and was transformed into a beast as punishment. This name-reference resonates with the betrayal theme. (Empty-senpai, 2014)

With the betrayal theme present in the champions covered in black mist, and the name "Mark of the Betrayer" for the summoner Icon, this is more than just a coincidence. 

The Lightbringer

Pentakill - Lightbringer

Pentakill - Lightbringer

A song by the band Pentakill for their album, Smite and Ignite. Seemingly enough, this song may have a connection to what Riot has been teasing. Below are the lyrics to the song.

Fellow armsmen, I ask you,

Will you follow me tonight to break their spine,

And reclaim what once was mine?

Those cravens.

Backstabbed me, deceived me,

Never shall I tolerate their crimes again,

Now let the hunt begin.

7000 souls, scared and daunted, such tale of woe,

Not too long ago, this village was a golden

scene of hope.

Call down the reckoning,

To bring back hope and peace,

Restore our gloria,

To live forever.

Bring down the dark regime,

I know how to unleash eternal power,

Lead us to order,

I am the Lightbringer!

Fellow warriors, I ask you,

Should my campaign come to an end?

There's way more to avenge.

15 million souls,

Living in this realm without much hope,

Not too long ago, this kingdom was a golden

state of hope.

The verses "Backstabbed me, deceived me, 'Never shall I tolerate their crimes again, 'Now let the hunt begin." and  "Fellow warriors, I ask you, 'Should my campaign come to an end? 'There's way more to avenge." are parallel with the theme of vengeance. It was argued that Karthus was the one singing, therefore not anyone else. But perhaps Karthus is telling a tale of someone else who did experience the events told in the song.