Hi there. I am KaiserLos, here with a short blog. 

Karthus Render

What is the blog all "aboot"?

As you may all know, the Visual rework for Karthus has been officially announced. If you have not seen it yet, you may click here

And like all of the other VU's like those of Nasus and Garen, they did a wonderful job on Karthus. It really brings out his core theme: An undead Necromancer/Lich guy. The animations look nice. And the VFX looks cool too (though, may not be final) And the ult looks so satisfying when you actually kill someone. The new Karthus, and his updated skins, look pretty awesome!

But here's a few comments I read on the page: 

"This rework is terrible. Why is everything the same exact color and and why is the color so bright? Worst rework iv'e seen. The champion look itself is good but the animations need different colors because this looks terrible, in my opinion."

"you got rid of his skeletal features. <_< I am not pleased."

Why are people still complaining? The new Karthus already looks good, but do people even have the right to be picky? The same goes for the people who complained about the other VU's in the past. It's just frustrating to see people get mad and whine over something Riot did a good job on. 

What are your opinions on this matter? That is it from me. KaiserLos signing out.