Summoner's Rift Visual Update

Not too long ago, Riot has released a video on their YouTube channel featuring the new and improved Summoner's Rift in its Pre-Beta phase. Meaning, it won't be out on live, or even on the PBE, in a few months or so. For the full video, click here.

Here are some screenshots for future reference and comparison between the current Summoner's Rift.

It seems that the only parts of the map not shown in the video are the Wraith and Lesser Golem camps. It is quite possible these two camps will be replaced with completely different creatures as stated in this post.

"Similarly, though many of the creatures look different (or are replaced by completely different creatures), we tried to keep every jungle camp’s gameplay as close to the original one’s as possible.

Likewise, the Wight camp seems to have been completely changed. The monster is now named "Gromp" (This may only be a nick-name issued by Riot) It is still a ranged neutral monster like the original Wight. But instead of a larger Wraith, it is now a Frog-like monster with mushrooms growing on its back. The Elder Lizard looks like a Treeant-Tutrle hybrid now and I am unsure if it will still be referred to as "Elder Lizard." The Lesser Golem Camp and the Wraith camp may be changed as well. 

Update: Lesser Golems are now replaced with Krugs; Stone-armored creatures, and Wraiths are now Razorbeaks; feathered creatures with sharp beaks and talons.

It was also announced that Dragon and Baron Nashor will be receiving new attacks to fulfill their roles as "boss" monsters. Dragon will receive a Fire-beam attack similar to Viktor's laser and an AoE attack as well. What new attacks Baron will receive is yet to be revealed. 


Kaiserlos24 botlane

Bottom Lane

Kaiserlos24 midlane

Middle Lane

Kaiserlos24 toplane

Top Lane


Kaiserlos24 bluefountain

Blue Team Fountain

Kaiserlos24 bluenexus

Blue Team Nexus

Kaiserlos24 redteamnexus

Red Team Fountain

Kaiserlos24 redteamnexus2

Red Team Nexus


Kaiserlos24 riverentrance

Entrance to the River

Kaiserlos bluegolem

Ancient Golem (Blue Buff)

Kaiserlos24 redlizard

Elder Lizard (Red Buff)

Kaiserlos24 dragonenter

Dragon Pit (Entering)

Kaiserlos24 dragonpit

Dragon Pit (Battle-Ready)

Kaiserlos24 baronpit

Baron Nashor Pit

Kaiserlos24 wolfjungle

Wolf Camp

Kaiserlos24 wightcamp

Wight Camp ("Gromp")