HI there, KaiserLos here with another short blog. 

What this is all "aboot" 

Like I said in many of my blogs, I am sure most of you, if not all, are aware of the topic. In this blog,I'll be talking about skins that look absolutely gorgeous, but are for champions with outdated models. One good example is the Dragonslayer skin for Pantheon.

Pantheon DragonslayerLoading

You've seen it by now, right? I think it looks really cool. The texture and model itself looks very nice. There were new VFX and SFX added to his attacks and abilities. He got himself a recall animation too. And that ultimate looks epic. 

But under that gorgeous skin lies the still very outdated, clunky Pantheon. Don't you agree? And now, there is a Soccer-themed skin set for the world cup. Namely for Lucian, Maokai, TF, Alistar and Gragas. All those skins look pretty decent. Not a big fan, but still very up-to-date in terms of quality. But what really was an eye-sore was Alistar. 

Alistar SweeperLoading

Yes, his textures were smoother and the skin itself is very nice. But he retained everything else. His walking, basic attack and ability animations. He is still very outdated. No matter what skin you get on him. Even Gragas or Maokai need a little touch-up themselves. Those two need at least a Texture update just like the recent Skarner. 

In my opinion, these champions should receive their visual updates first before getting any new skins. Just like what was mentioned by Evelynn in the forums. It was also confirmed that Caitlyn will be getting a new skin this year as well. And she's another champ that needs a VU. 

What are your thoughts on this matter? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.