This is only a sketch of the custom champ I made, his lore and his quotes. I might add abilities in the future. Feel free to give suggestions :) 


There lies a tribe of the great and mighty race known throughout history as the War Beasts located at the farthest corner of North-Eastern Freljord. The War Beasts were highly known for their incredible  senses of smell, sight and hearing, and their monstrous strength. Those who dare tread in their territory will pay dearly for their foolish decision. They are among the best of huntsmen throughout Valoran. The only other race that is on par with the War Beasts are the Trolls. They were rivals in terms of strength. But what differentiated the War Beasts from the Trolls were their superior intelligence and thinking abilities, which lead to their superiority. It lasted this way for more than thousands of years. But throughout history, there was one occurence where the war Beasts fell to their knees in defeat. 

This occured when the tribes current chieftain was Rogarth Der'Dran, one of the most notable chieftains to have ever lead the War Beast tribe. He was best known  for his heroic deeds and feats. It was said when he was a mere cub, he had already slain his first prey on his own. And when he was in his teens, he had slain the Frost Wyvern terrorizing the tribe's farm lands. He truly is one of the fiercest warriors in all of Freljord. But one night, their tribe was caught off-guard by the Trolls. Their tribe was destroyed. They took all their food and clothing, and burned their houses. And in one of those houses was Roshene Der'Dran, the only daughter of Rogarth. The house collapsed under her small, frail body; resulting in her untimely death. 

The War Beasts were left scarred. Several lives were taken. And almost none was left in their tribe. Rogarth lost the only daughter of his late wife. Something changed in Rogarth that day.  But what striked them the most odd were the Trolls. They were not intelligent enough to form such a complex ambush like that. Someone was behind this, and Rogarth swore he would find out who. He left the tribe days later, placing his brother-in-law in charge, and headed straight for the Institute of War.


Kaiserlos24 ROGARTH

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  • The braid on Rogarth's beard was done by Roshene Der'Dran, his daughter of 7-years old. 
  • He lost his eye during his battle with the Frost Wyven during his early teens. It was scraped off by the Wyvern's talons. After defeating it, he ate his own eye. 
  • War Beast skin is twice as thick as leather, for surviving the cold of the Freljord. 
  • Only female War Beasts grow tails.