Hi guys. KaiserLos here again with another blog.

In this blog, I'll just be writing down someskin ideas for our dear champions. And if any of you like my ideas, or have ideas of your own, I'll personally draw them on paper ^^ So feel free to state your ideas!

Vengeful Thresh

Thresh's head will be that of a skull and his eyes will have a yellow glow, and is set on fire. He has spiked shoulder pads and wears a long, black leather coat with rips on it. The arm where he holds his lantern has a metal vambrace with clawed fingers. On the arm where he holds his scythe, he wears a leather glove. He wears black leather boots that have spikes on the toes and are wrapped in chains. He wears 3 belts- 2 on his waist and one across his upper body, over his shoulder. On one of his waist belts, there are a bunch of keys.  His scythe looks more like a hook and his lantern looks lie an old-fashioned oil lamp, but has spirits "swimming" inside of it. 

Demonblade Aatrox

Aatrox's head will look more like a skull, but still has flesh. He has a total of three horns on his head and haslong, white hairgrowing on the back. His eyes glow red. His body looks like it's made of exposed muscle. His right shoulder has large spikes and his arm is merged with his sword. The sword has an eye (Think Soul Calibur Knightmare's weapon) his wings loo more like those of a bats. He'd look more demonic than human. 

Warring Kingdoms Skins

As you may know, the warring skins are based on Koei's game Dynasty Warriors (Look it up) and another related game called Samurai Warriors. Jarvan's skin is based on Lu Bu. And Xin Zhao's is based on Zhao Yun. So here's some more ideas:

Jax- Pang Tong

Sivir- Sun Shang-Xiang

Garen- Guan Ping

Wukong- Sun Wukong

That's all I got for now :I Feel free to comment and share your ideas :) 

Completed Requests

Japanese Oni Trundle