"This scale of rework covers changes to a champions model and artwork. This will often include a more up-to-date voice-over and lore, and may include bug-fixes and minor balance changes - but will not change the champion's core theme."

Now I'm sure everyone has bore witness to many visual upgrades from the earlier stages of the entire game and the more recent pre-season. We've seen champions like Janna and Twisted Fate having a better in-game model from the previous one. And the more recent VU's which are Garen. Sivir, and Nasus. There's a common factor between all these visual upgrades: and that is for better appeal for the player who uses champions with very outdated in-game models. I honestly never picked out Sivir before because she looked so derpy and the model was horrid. It hid the potential of just how good a champion she is. And now that she received a VU, I can stop cringing and actually play a decent game as her. 

The list of champions who are confrmed to receive a visual upgrade can be seen in the link below:


I believe there are two types of visual upgrades: Design Touch-up and Complete Re-design. An example of a Design Touch-up would be Twisted Fate. The newer model is a more detailed and smoother version of the older model. And an example of a Complete Re-design would be Nasus. His new model is very finely detailed, but looks nothing like the old design of the previous model. 

With these two kinds of VU's, which champion do you think will receive which? If you're expecting a Complete Re-design on Kassadin or Taric, how would you depict it? If you're expecting a Design Touch-up on Evelynn or Alistar, how do you think should the whole model look like? And there's also Visual Effects on champion abilities and Champion voice acting. There's a total of 13(?) champions who have been confirmed to receive a visual upgrade. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this, and how you guys would depict the next visual upgrades.