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Yasuo's Assailants- Upcoming Champions (Includng Yone)?

Plot Twist o:

Yasuo's brother was raised from the dead (by unknown means) and may be a playable champion in the future.

Yasuo Promo 7

I dunno xD After seeing the Road to Ruin poster. The two warriors are obvious hints. But When I saw Yone at the end, it got me thinking and stuff. What if he was ressurrected by someone? What if he never really died? (Which is pretty unlikely, but possible) He'd be this ghost-samurai champion xD

Yasuo Promo 9

But still, the Road to Ruin poster picqued (I hope I spelled that right) my interests and has made my mind run wild with theories and stuff :D Share your thoughts on Yone, and Yasuo's two former friends and assailants!

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