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  • Kait-zero

    As many of you may know im a fan of Priscilla and the Spider morph concept in fact i have been working on a personal Priscilla rework: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Kait-zero/Champion_Concept_-_Priscilla_Spinne_the_Cursed_Queen check it if interrested (still in progress).

    Anyways my contacts (friends who knows me well) told me that Teek is probably a placeholder name for Priscilla and her glorius come back to the League of Legends. If you add the fact that Feralpony said that tons of Female champs are coming is more than probable that Priscilla will be here soon.

    I think she would be more that welcome to join (i got my arms open waiting) as a fresh face in the League, not another bulky armored dude.

    Anyone whats to talk abou…

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  • Kait-zero

    After months of investigation and trials i think i managed to create a great skill set to one of my greates works ever: Priscilla

    Priscilla is a champion that was left in development at the very beguining of LoL due to "not fitting the LoL's art" or some bullshit like that so i decided to make my own vertion to help them.

    I must admit at first it was a rework of the original Priscilla but as i got deeper into it became personal, and im serius i feel that she is like my Mona Lisa, you know the work of my life. Mostly on her Lore and Image Design, im not really good at skills but i have improved.

    At first i wondered how would i like her to be, based on a reckless Tarantulla or a careful spider? she have been everything from assassin to mage to …

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  • Kait-zero

    Well i have been doing some experiments oh what should Olaf build first, and of course this is around the Tank Olaf paired with Atma's. Some say and others say but have you ever though on Building a ?

    has alot to offer Olaf for a really cheap price, lets comepare:

    - cost 3250 and gives Health, AD and a slow on each AA that means sure dead for almost any enemy who cross you but it cost its more expensive than but its easier to build into.

    - cost 3000 and gives ALOT of Health and Health and can be really efective with Atma's but you need alot of farm to get it .

    - now for , it gives 250 Health for Vicious Strikes and an Aura of 20% AS and 12% Life steal for sustain and Support + a passive 15% Cooldown Reduction for more PEW PEW with your E mo…

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  • Kait-zero

    Well my last try was really lame so i just erase everything and rewrite it all. After reading Lores, skills of other champs and even books and other things about spiders to inspire myself on her skills.

    So far so good here is my re-rework of Priscilla:

    Originally Priscilla was going to be a Broodmother, sort of, but i wont allow my darling Priscy to be just a copy of another character. After months of try and fail i decided to make her a mage whit a pinch of support, something like Morg if you know what i'm saying hahaha, just hope they don't ban her that often XD.

    Well she should be played like a spider wile hunting, trowing your Q to cover the mid lane if you are in mid (you would normally do) so you can be hidden from enemies and taking ad…

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  • Kait-zero

    Before you start flagging me the answer is YES! i have fough as and againts both of them and i know their pros and cons. Now lets begin.

    RIOT ofered us a rework of Eve and Twitch and the "stealth" itself, so far whit no results and as i like to analyce game things to see their good and bad sides i was wondering "why changing a champion that is already balanced?".

    Of course when I say "a champion that is already balanced" i'm talking about Twitch, wondering why i say Twitch and not Eve? led me explain myself:

    Twitch the Plague Rat:

    Awesome picture eh? i love it and it will be my avatar so dont touch it!

    Anyway i think Twich is balanced as all his skills complement each other lets see:

    1. His passive Deadly Venom give him a reliable way to harras like no ot…

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