• Kalader

    Loisse, the words of law is a custom champion in League of Legends. I did this pretty much for fun a day I couldn't sleep to get with the editing style of the wiki. It ain't perfect and got a lot to be polished, so i would be much greated for criticism.

    Loisse Auto attacks deal aditional true damage

    Loisse hurls her croix, rendering her unharmed and incapable of auto atacking while it's on the ground The croix gives an aura of efect with grants additional true damage in auto atacks to alies in range. Allies with "Justice" get double the efect. 

    Loise can take back her cross at any given moment by walking on it, and it will come back by itself 6 seconds after activation.

    |leveling= True Damage: True Damage Aura:

    |cooldown= after picking back the cr…

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