aka Philip

  • I was born on November 19
  • I am Male
  • Kalexander

    Since I started playing League of Legends, I had some ideas for various mechanics (mostly champion abilities), champion skins, as well as champions, but I never shared them with anyone. Some time passes and Riot releases a new patch or two and I get even more ideas. Now, I realise that not everyone will believe me, but it seems I have 'guessed' what this game brought us, as some of my ideas came true.

    It all began since I got this awesome idea of a humanoid bat-alike character. I made his basic kit and his ultimate was supposed to work like this. He spreads his wings and night falls down for 8 seconds (vision reduced), then he may reactivate this ability to fly towards an enemy champion, grab them with his claws and starts shredding them. F…

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