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Ivrhynna Spiritmight, The Dismal Sorceress


Well, this is my VERY FIRST Blog post (yay, me?). And as such, I am a klutz when sorting things out when it comes to this kind of thing. Please, first, do not hate me for being a mess in this debut blog. So, please help me, and I will abide to any suggestions and comments given to me. Second, I noticed that there isn't (in my knowledge, that is) any heroes from House Spiritmight, so I would like to try my luck here with my champion concept.

The Hero Concept That Went Awry

Basically, I have been crunching numbers for my hero concept (which is now in the correct place, thank you for the one who pointed it out [I can't see the name] ^_^). And, as you can see from the comments below, I screwed up, even in my first blog post. Anyway, there's always a first for everything right? And as you can see as well, I have given my hero concept a name (I am really sorry for misleading anyone who will read this. I can't change the title anymore :( ... ). For the admins and moderators, I once again say I am really sorry for this mess.

I promise to work out on this concept really well, and as always, help will always be gladly appreciated.

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