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aka Trystan Psyke

  • I live in Zuan
  • I was born on January 26
  • My occupation is Hologram Technician / Artist
  • I am The best thing ever
  • Kanzenbaka

    Psyke, The Holosmith

    March 10, 2014 by Kanzenbaka

    Psyke is a custom champion.

    | }}

    Psyke gains an additional 5/7/10/12/15 per 5 Mana Regen.

    |description2 = Psyke's hologram becomes targetable and controllable, draining mana per second. The hologram's basic attacks do 25% damage. The hologram can be controlled by Atl+clicking. If the hologram is destroyed, this ability is put on cooldown for 30 seconds and neither effect will happen. |leveling = |cooldown = 1 |cost = 28 / 40 / 50 / 58 / 66 |costtype = MANA PER SECOND |range = }} | }}

    Psyke charges his gauntlet to release an empowered shot that explodes on the first target hit, dealing magic damage and slowing the target for 2 seconds. Only the projectile slows and the explosion does 75% damage to nearby targets in a 175 unit range.


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