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  • KaptnKrok

    Hey guys, this is just me writing some of my ideas for Aurelion Sol before he gets revealed (which I'm presuming will be tonight/tomorrow) of what he will contain in his kit and other things!

    Role: In order, I'm going to guess this guy is a mid laner, followed by top, jungle and support. I do not think he will be an ADC whatsoever as we have just had Jhin!

    Design: I can see a traditional, bulky dragon theme working well with Aurelion over a long serpentine-type dragon. The main colours I would guess to be purple, black and dark blue. (Perhaps looking somewhat like Alien X from the Ben 10 series?) 

    Size: I'm going to guess that this guy is going to be pretty large in-game. Of course, they can't implement his true size otherwise he'd probably t…

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  • KaptnKrok

    Urgot - A Discussion!

    March 7, 2015 by KaptnKrok

    Urgot...in my opinion, one of the more interesting champions in the League of Legends due to his design, his voice and his skillset. However, he just doesn't seem to be able to become "decent" in the eyes of other people. I'm here to talk about this and hear your opinions!

    The Design:

    IronStylus recently commented on Urgot and to sum up what he said, it was to make Urgot more terrifying rather than just disgusting. I can agree with this: right now, Urgot is more disgusting rather than horrifying. He also mentioned that keeping stitches would be fine. I have seen some people ask that Urgot should be muscular instead of a fat carcass but I disagree. Urgot is someone that has been rebuilt over and over and in my mind, his body can't be in good …

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  • KaptnKrok

    Hey guys, thought I'd share something that has been bothering me for a while.

    Now, I'm a huge fan of orcs, whether they be from World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Lord of The Rings etc. It came to my attention that there isn't an orc champion in the League of Legends. Now, I've looked online to see what other people thought about a possible orc champ and I've found a lot of mixed views. Some people really want to see an orc in the game while others do not believe an orc would fit into the game. I'm going to share my thoughts and please, share your own below!

    Firstly, I've looked into the 120 champions we have already in the game. We have humans, yordles, voidborn creatures, a troll, a half-dragon just to name a few. With a game that contains such…

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  • KaptnKrok

    Hey guys, this is my first blog post here! Feel free to call me Orc instead of my username, everyone else does!

    Anyway, onto this blog post - how do you guys pick what champ you want to play or the next champ you want to buy? For myself, I have often have problems picking!

    My method normally involves picking a role which I haven't played much of in recent times, so if I haven't gone top in a while, I'll go top and so forth. However, I don't EVER go support unless I have no choice (like in ranked) and jungling is something that I have only just got into! Then the problem comes which is picking the champion itself...same thing applies here, to pick a champ I haven't played in a while.

    For buying champs, I normally go for people I have liked pla…

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