Hey guys, this is my first blog post here! Feel free to call me Orc instead of my username, everyone else does!

Anyway, onto this blog post - how do you guys pick what champ you want to play or the next champ you want to buy? For myself, I have often have problems picking!

My method normally involves picking a role which I haven't played much of in recent times, so if I haven't gone top in a while, I'll go top and so forth. However, I don't EVER go support unless I have no choice (like in ranked) and jungling is something that I have only just got into! Then the problem comes which is picking the champion itself...same thing applies here, to pick a champ I haven't played in a while.

For buying champs, I normally go for people I have liked playing as when they were free-to-play. For example, I have a few champs on my list at the moment, including Brand, Rumble and Draven. Nothing too special here...

So guys, what are your methods? Feel free to comment below, I look forward to reading them!