Hey guys, this is just me writing some of my ideas for Aurelion Sol before he gets revealed (which I'm presuming will be tonight/tomorrow) of what he will contain in his kit and other things!

Role: In order, I'm going to guess this guy is a mid laner, followed by top, jungle and support. I do not think he will be an ADC whatsoever as we have just had Jhin!

Design: I can see a traditional, bulky dragon theme working well with Aurelion over a long serpentine-type dragon. The main colours I would guess to be purple, black and dark blue. (Perhaps looking somewhat like Alien X from the Ben 10 series?) 

Size: I'm going to guess that this guy is going to be pretty large in-game. Of course, they can't implement his true size otherwise he'd probably tower over any map! I would think however that he may be the largest champion in the game by a small margin. (Who is actually the largest champion? I'm thinking Mega Gnar/Sion...Cho'Gath could also count due to his size when you fully upgrade his Ultimate ability...but in terms of base sizes with no use of abilities, I don't think I'll count him.)

Skills: I'm not too sure what kind of abilities Aurelion Sol would have but in terms of the promo video, I think he is going to be a powerful entity. Of course, they can't exactly replicate this...otherwise he'd probably kill everyone with just a flick of his claws! I would like to see something really powerful for his ultimate ability...maybe something like a gigantic ball of energy? I have no ideas really.

Skin(s): I am hoping his launch skin will be something lightning based to pay tribute to Ao Shin but a Mecha/Battlecast skin could work also! I'm sure he could get a Blood Moon or Lunar Festival skin in the future too!

Champion Interactions: I think he will easily have interactions with Diana, Leona and Pantheon as they are all linked with Mount Targon, I could be mistaken however. I would be interested to see if Tahm Kench has any links to him...or perhaps Tahm Kench would know to stay well away! I would also say he could have interactions with Garen and Katarina (continuing the trend of champions who have interactions with the pair!)... my idea is that Aurelion could mock Garen to "save his damsel in distress" before threatening to destroy her with whatever powers he has....cheesy but I think it would work!

Thanks for reading, please share any of your own ideas below as it's awesome to see what people can come up with!