Urgot...in my opinion, one of the more interesting champions in the League of Legends due to his design, his voice and his skillset. However, he just doesn't seem to be able to become "decent" in the eyes of other people. I'm here to talk about this and hear your opinions!

The Design:

IronStylus recently commented on Urgot and to sum up what he said, it was to make Urgot more terrifying rather than just disgusting. I can agree with this: right now, Urgot is more disgusting rather than horrifying. He also mentioned that keeping stitches would be fine. I have seen some people ask that Urgot should be muscular instead of a fat carcass but I disagree. Urgot is someone that has been rebuilt over and over and in my mind, his body can't be in good shape due to these rebuilds, upgrades, injuries etc.

Urgot My Voice Interpretation!00:55

Urgot My Voice Interpretation!

The Voice:

Urgot's voice is probably my favourite in the whole game: he sounds like he is constantly in pain. (Which he is...I think.) They need to keep this kind of voice, whether it is the same voice actor or not, as it really suits his character.

(I did do a voiceover of Urgot, which you can check out here ------------------------------>)

The Skillset:

Urgot's skillset is certainly unique but it needs tweaking. I read someone on reddit say that a "Karma level rework" would be fine, which I believe is editing his abilities with extra effects (I'm not too sure, feel free to correct me!). I also feel that Urgot should not be played as an ADC, he functions in the top lane decent enough. Therefore, I feel his ultimate could stay as it was (even though Riot are thinking of changing it.) it just needs some changes or another added effect.

Well guys, that is all I can think of now, please share your thoughts about our favourite crab and what Riot could do to improve him! :)