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  • KarasuGamma

    Just to clarify beforehand, this is about both skins and champions, and what Riot is planning for them.

    They announced that they plan to have regular price drops for older champions, timed with the release of newer ones. This in itself is fine and makes perfect sense. However, their announced schedule just seems weird.

    First, they'll take down a 6300 IP champion to 4800 with every new champion release. This isn't a bad idea, but it keeps the number of 6300 IP champions completely static, if you disregard the release-week price of 7800.

    With that, their drop schedule is a bit too predictable. The original announcement said they would choose champions to drop based on age and ease of play. They announced that with release, would drop to 4800;…

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  • KarasuGamma

    I find Dominion is excellent for quick, fun games that still have that League atmosphere. One of my favorite parts about it is that it is still very possible for a team to come back and win even when their nexus is down to its last few points, which is essentially impossible in Classic.

    I tend to try unorthodox strategies in Dominion, since it's not something that should really be taken that seriously. I enjoy winning, however, so I wonder what people find to be useful in terms of builds and summoner spells.

    My first question is the most obvious. Is worth it? I never take it, since I almost never see turrets actually firing shots. I usually run and , since I am of the belief that Dominion is primarily a speed game. Yes, every team needs on…

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  • KarasuGamma
    has been one of my mains for a while, and I've finally reached a conundrum. I have no idea how I should be playing her.

    I usually take her mid, and start out playing her as a pusher, running through minions with and poking my lane opponent with everything I can. My only real advantage early is a start-stop stream of minor burst damage, between and , and maybe catching them with an Orb. She's not effective enough to get kills like this. I really only ever win my lane with this constant harassment, using these cheap tactics to keep my opponent out of lane. One or both mid turrets usually get destroyed with me still 0/0/0.

    On the semi-rare chances I do get an opportunity to gank someone, I find that I can't quite be of any assistance if I mis…

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  • KarasuGamma

    I would be quite interested to see what would happen if there were a mode where you'd hit the random button in champion select, and get 5 random abilities. Totally unrelated to each other, and from different champions, but the key bindings would stay the same - one passive, one Q, one W, one E, and one ult.

    What would be some of the best, worst, and weirdest combinations you could think of? I know these will be constructed and not random, but all of this is hypothetical anyway.

    Some of my personal favorites:

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  • KarasuGamma

    Though I'm forever a Noxian at heart, I would consider Freljord my second home. It is a place of unparalleled beauty...and the bitter cold of an impending war. Though not everyone involved knows it yet, calling it a clash of two sides is a vast underestimation. And I'm not talking only about . Valoran had better be prepared for something the size of the next Rune War. When that arrogant poked into the northern wilds, she injected herself and all of Demacia into the heart of the problem. And I'm torn, because she's made herself a friend of ...which means that will be where Demacia will ally. Which then, of course, leads to Noxus and Zaun opposing them, and then you can add in Ionia and Piltover on Ashe's side...and you already have enough …

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