Though I'm forever a Noxian at heart, I would consider Freljord my second home. It is a place of unparalleled beauty...and the bitter cold of an impending war. Though not everyone involved knows it yet, calling it a clash of two sides is a vast underestimation. And I'm not talking only about LissandraSquare the Ice Witch. Valoran had better be prepared for something the size of the next Rune War. When that arrogant QuinnSquare Quinn poked into the northern wilds, she injected herself and all of Demacia into the heart of the problem. And I'm torn, because she's made herself a friend of AsheSquare Queen Ashe...which means that will be where Demacia will ally. Which then, of course, leads to Noxus and Zaun opposing them, and then you can add in Ionia and Piltover on Ashe's side...and you already have enough sparks for a full-scale fire. Good thing Freljord is cold.

Despite my allegiances, up until now, my philosophy has matched with that of AniviaSquare Anivia, defender of all of Runeterra. But it looks like she'll be siding with Ashe as well. This is probably for the best, since Ashe deserves to rule Freljord. SejuaniSquare Sejuani is too short-sighted to realize that her personal goals are meaningless there. She should just come to Noxus, where people like her thrive. As for the Ice Witch, I don't think anyone can predict what she's capable of, or what she'll do with it. And I don't think we'll need to.

If Freljord is about to become the next Kalamanda, I doubt the League is potent or popular enough to be able to stop it. War is war, and neutral third parties are a joke. Runeterra will be changed by this, no matter what the outcome.