These are the combinations of champions that shouldn't (or should) but do, work.

Kog'Maw and Soraka. (ADC and Supp bot lane) This duo works extremely well early game. Go for a flat AP Soraka, get mana or health first (her abilities, mana is also a silence) and the duo normally gets first blood. (for me at least) I always keep my Kog'Maw up in mana and health, sticking around when I;m low just to make sure he doesn't die. Plus Starcall has a *hidden* secret. If you (Soraka) stays near the edge of the bush on bot, and there is an enemy in the other bush, the starcall icon will light up, so you can use that at level 1 to alert your Kog'Maw (or ADC in general) if there is an enemy nearby. This will work all game for certain gankable areas if you're a gutsy Soraka.

Lissandra and Ashe / Sejuani. It doesn't amtter which, as long as you have Liss. It's stun / slow city, and can be a good resource for your team, allowing for easier chases and escapes.

Vayne and Lux / Morg. Those two have stuns and slows, allowing Vayne an easier chase than it already was. Pretty self explanitory.

Blitzcrank and Smite. Yes this is a duo. Why you may ask?

  1. 1 Easy golems and Lvl 1 for your laning partner.
  1. 2 Can invade enemy jungle by yourself.
  1. 3 Smite grabs. What is this? Basically, keep a minion between you and the enemy champion. When they least expect it, you smite the minion, and rocket grab the champ (simultaneously).

I saw it on YouTube, and I just thought it deserved more credit than what it had, and the wiki deserves to know this new single duo!

Any other duos? I can't think of any right now, but trust me. There are some that should'nt work but they do. Not that my examples are examples of that at all.. (pro league player :D)