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Event Time (Harrowing, Snowdown, Lunar)

Kashicorn October 6, 2013 User blog:Kashicorn

It's getting close to event season. You know what that means.. SKINS.

And hopefully maps.

Last Harrowing / Christmas RIOT cheaped out. There was not a Harrowing map or a Snowdown map, and the minions did not change. I think it would be nice for the newer summoners to expirience the maps. And hopefully if RIOT updates the visuals of the Harrowing map, they decide to keep Gavid, The Plant King and those other dudes in the coffins.

And I could honestly care less what happens with Lunar Revel though. Hehe.

I'm curious to know what kind of changes or improvements you would make to the events, and maybe some cool skin ideas for them. (I love skins :3)

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