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New Top Laner - TANTRUM

So, as you could guess from the title, this is about the upcoming champion. All we have so far is that it'll be a top laner.

On the 7/16 PBE update, files with the Tantrum bars are in the game. They replace the resource bar (mana, energy, flow, rage) and will be a new mechanic, I assume.

This bar changes it's colours, and would be vital to the champions playstyle. It's blue when they're calm, red when they're having a tantrum (active) and yellow as a warning.

I think it's safe to say the champion will be female, a yordle, or a young male, considering we just had Yasuo, Vel'Koz and Braum in a row. I'm really hoping for a young child character besides Annie, who throws tantrums to overthrow their enemies.

I'm wondering what kind of things you guys think are coming to the table - so comment up!

If they do this though, depending on the characters style, I might say this is a good addition for a new SEWN CHAOS skin!

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