The Trundle rework.


I first discovered this when watching the ability spotlight for Sejuani. I saw the enemy was a small rugged looking figure. I said, "Is that Garen? New skin or what? Wait.. Is that Trundle? NAH."

I see the thumbnail for the Trundle rework, "Cool, he really needed a rework, or at least a VA."


Riot, I agree that he needed a nice VA and a new moveset. But remake his lore and all the other Freljord champions lores? NU-UH! I think the new lore is just plain retarded. Really, it's a nice lore, but why have him be the King of Freljord or whatever. I agree that they needed some relation to Lissandra from a certain champion, but why Trundle? Why not one of the current Freljord champs? But no. They picked Trundle. I think his VA and new moveset is sweet, don't get me wrong. But make him an ice themed champion? *sigh*

What do you guys think about this? I like the fact that he is reworked, but why a Freljord champion. We have enough Riot. With the addition of 2 more in the next patch. Make some more fire themed, or some Zaun. Or even a new Noxian champion. Maybe a new, "DEMACIA!" or something. Please, no more Freljord, at least not for a good 6 - 8 champions.