Sorry I've been dead for such a long time, school keeps you busier than you'd think..


I've made posts before about this stuff and I'll make them again.. But I love coming up with skin ideas!

Now a few ideas I've come up with have actually ended up in game, such as Arcade Hecarim (formerly known as Robot Unicorn Hecarim), and a champion, Nami (some of the concepts but still with it's differences).

So here I am again, begging Riot to implement more things that the community wants as well!

Here we go.

Arcade Jinx : You guys need an ADC in this skin line-up, and I know Miss Fortune needs a new skin, but c'mon guys. Jinx is too popular to not give her another skin. Give her this or Retro Jinx :)

Deep Terror Vel'Koz : I know he's not out yet but if you guys make "Squidward" Thresh, why not make "Squidward" Vel'Koz! He could be a poisonous octopus / squid though, that would be pretty neat, his particles could be ink instead of purple magic, and (red magic?) or fire for his release skin, Battlecast Vel'Koz. I dunno I think it would be neat. With an ultimate that follows your cursor, he's going to be strong and popular, so I suggest working on this now ;)

Surprise Party Lucian : Pretty simple concept, not much in my mind except some funky clothes and confetti cannons for guns. Imagine the ultimate, like holy jesus! :D

NOW FROM PREVIOUS POSTS, JUST TO JOG YOUR MEMORIES. (These were the most wanted skins from my last posts)

Connoisseur Kog'Maw : I think Kog already has every skin that could possibly fit him, so this is just a shot in the dark. ("Pleased to eat you!" and "My compliments to the chef but he tasted terrible!") Idea by Jake and Beemo99 (thanks guys!)

Battle Bunny Jayce : THIS HAS TO BE A SKIN PLEASE! Basically the Battle Bunny Riven theme, but male, and his hammer / gun is a huge carrot.

Ravin' Draven : Draven in his after work outfit, hitting it up at a rave party. His axes are glowsticks. It'd be freakin' epic.

Botanized Heimerdinger (or Square Roots Heimerdinger) : Heimy as a freakin' chia pet type thing. He's got sticks for arms, mushrooms for eyes, a bush for that noodle hair of his. This skin has got it all.

Give your ideas in the comments below! Because remember guys, TEAMWORK OP.